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February 11, 2019Paulina Gerstner

Welcome to the Allen Coral Atlas blog, a space for learning about the Allen Coral Atlas team and its work to build the first global mosaic map of the world’s coral reefs – including this reef in Moorea.

The Allen Coral Atlas is a game-changing coral conservation tool developed in partnership with coral reef scientists, universities, NGOs, and private entities.

Named for Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen in recognition of his key role in bringing the Atlas and his overall commitment to filling data gaps necessary to solve the world’s greatest challenges, the Coral Atlas provides the first regularly updated 3.7-meter resolution satellite images of the world’s coral reefs.  With the Atlas, coral conservationists, reef managers, and scientists have access to information that has never before been available at this scale.

Using Coral Atlas algorithms and methodology, a global photo mosaic has been created, providing unprecedented level of benthic and geomorphic detail corrected to water depth, water column and atmospheric influences. The easy to use Atlas offers unprecedented views into coral life, including this view off the shore of Hawaii.

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